In my studio, sessions are relaxed and stress-free. I reserve two hours for a full session, so there’s no limit on our ability to get the right shots. I would never want to end a session because we’ve “run out of time”, and not get the right photo.

  • Lots of time in the session
  • Unlimited clothing changes
  • Different background options
  • Hints and suggestions during the session to get the best expression
  • You are in control of choosing the photos you want to buy

After the session we take a few minutes, sit down at my computer and look through your photos, and you get to select the images you want to purchase on the same day as the session.

Your next step is to check out the pricing, and then book your session, directly on the next page!

p.s. – if you just need a quick session, no fancy stuff, then look for the link for the expression session on the pricing page.

One More Step to Get Individual Pricing

One More Step to Get Individual Pricing


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